18 mm Cryochamber

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Introduction to CryoSurgery & Brymill


CryochambersWhen physicians are deeply treating an area of skin during a cryosurgical procedure, Brymill’s cryochambers confine the liquid nitrogen spray to the area so that it pools precisely and delivers a better outcome for patients. All Brymill cryochambers are fully autoclavable. For best results, we recommend using either the right-angle adapter or malleable extension with our cryochambers.

Model #104-6:             6 mm Cryochamber            
Model #104-10:             10 mm Cryochamber            
Model #104-15:             15 mm Cryochamber            
Model #104-18:             18 mm Cryochamber            
Model #104-31:             31 mm Cryochamber            
Brymill is a family-owned, Connecticut-based company that has delivered cutting-edge technology with attentive customer service for almost 50 years. They specialize in highly durable cryosurgical equipment backed by a three-year warranty, and can manufacture custom equipment to meet your specifications.

Physicians and distributors around the world rely on Brymill products for superior quality.



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