PN 1110052 | 1/4" x 1/2" Flare Adapter

PN 21040465 | Solenoid Valve

Replacement Solenoid Valve for MVE Cryogenic Freezers

Replacement Solenoid Valve (Fill and Gas Bypass)

MVE Part Number  21040465 (Replaces Part # 14224611S)

Solenoid Valve Replacement
All MVE freezers are equipped with electromechanical solenoid valves that have been tested and approved by MVE for cryogenic use. These valves utilize a PTFE seal for optimal sealing in cryogenic environments. Over time, the normal thermal cycling that this seal is subject to will cause it to harden and lose its ability to seal completely. This will result in seepage past the sealing surface which can increase the LN2 consumption of the system, and in extreme cases result in an overfill situation. Thermal cycling through normal operation can also cause moisture ingress into the coil of the solenoid valve. Over time this may cause the connections and wiring in the coil to corrode and eventually fail. This will result in an inoperative solenoid valve.
NOTE:  over the life of MVE freezer, several different interchangeable 24VDC solenoids have been used. The current model is pictured below. Always use replacement solenoid valves from MVE. Substituting non MVE components may result in inoperable valves and even damage to the TEC 3000 control system. Damage to the control system due to use of non MVE parts will not be covered by warranty.

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