10-2-mini Nalgene Vertical Cryogenic Freezer Rack

10 Box Mini 2" Square Rack (Nalgene)

8-2-mini Nalgene Vertical Cryogenic Freezer Rack

8 Box Mini 2" Square Rack (Nalgene)

9 Box Mini 2" Square Rack (Nalgene)

Maximize storage with this 9 shelf cryogenic freezer rack made of high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel

Maximize your chest and LN2 freezer rack box storage with our stainless steel vertical freezer racks. Mini racks make storage of 2" mini vial boxes a breeze. Stainless steel racks are much more durable and will not break down over time or oxidize so labs that have the most stringent requirements regarding particulate matter (dust, dirt, etc.) will use stainless steel racks. The fact that they do not oxidize means they are much cleaner to handle. Made from .024 Stainless Steel.

  • Vertical
  • Made to maximize storage space between standard racks for upright LN2 chest freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks.
  • Dimensions: Overall Height: 19.68" Shelf Dimensions: 3.08" wide x 3.34" deep ”
  • Fits (15) 2" square mini cryogenic plastic storage boxes (Please check your storage box dimensions before ordering)
  • Numbers and engraving are optional add-ons. • Approximate weight: 2.01 lbs
Made from .024 stainless steel Overall Height: 3.22" wide x 3.37" deep x 19.68" tall Shelf Dimensions: 3.08"” x 3.34"” x 2.125” Approximate weight: 1.20 LBS


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