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Optional Battery Backup for TEC 3000 | PN 11864171

Optional Battery Backup for TEC 3000

Battery Backup for TEC 3000 on HEco Series, Cabinet Series, and MVE (Open Tops) Series

The Batter Backup helps the TEC 3000 controller function seamleassly should there be a loss of A/C power. Additionally, the battery backup will help the TEC 3000 perform its normal fill cycles, continue to monitor temperatures A and B, and maintain LN2 level control froo approximately 72 hours.

The Battery Backup status can be viewed in the Add-on Menus. When the TEC 3000 is connectedt o AC power the BB status screen will display, "On AC Power", with or without the BB connected. When there is a power failure and the TEC 3000 is running on the Battery Backup, the status screen will display "on Battery Backup 26VDC 80%-100%. Please note this feature is available only iwth Firmware Version 2.02 or higher. 

The Battery Backup assembly consists of these components:

  • Two, 12 VDC lead acid batteries wired in series
  • Inline fuse (4A 250V F)
  • Battery housing
  • Electrical connections

MVE Battery Backup Illustration A

MVE Battery Backup Illustration B


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