Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Tube

Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Tube - Brymill

Manual Discharge Device

For Easy LN2 Dispensing from Lab Series Dewars

Manual Discharge Device User Manual

The MVE liquid discharge device provides liquid nitrogen for filling cold traps and smaller dewars without having to scoop out or pour liquid nitrogen from the vessel. The liquid discharge device utilizes the normal evaporation of the cryogenic liquid to pressurize a container by plugging the neck of the vessel and forming a hermetic seal. The pressurized vessel can then decant product through the liquid discharge device.

Part Numbers
10668004 Lab-30
10668021 Lab-50
10668101 Lab 10 Manufactured AFTER December 1978
13467208 Lab-10 Manufcatured PRIOR to December 1978
13484139 Lab-20 Manufactured AFTER May 2007
13464867 Lab-20 manufactured PRIOR to May 2007

Not sure when your dewar was manufactured? You can decipher the following information from your Chart MVE Serial Number.

Sample Serial Number

This serial number has 5 distinct sections:

NP B20 11 01 0546

NP - is the site of manufacture. Example 'NP' means New Prague, MN 56071
B20 - is the same constant internal MVE code.
11 - is the year of manufacture.
01 - is the week of manufacture. Example '01' means the first week of the year.
0546 - is the number that vessel was in production for that week.

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