Cryo Tweezers by Brymill

Cryo Tweezers - Brymill

Cry-Baby by Brymill

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 As Brymill celebrates 50 years in business, they are proud to announce the newest edition to their CRY AC" product family.

The CRY‑BABY® is a 150ml version of our handheld liquid nitrogen delivery system perfect for accurate, controlled treatment of smaller common lesions.

The CRY‑AC® is also available in 300ml and 500ml capacities. And for optimum results, our powerful TrackerCam® is equipped with a built‑in camera for a clear view of the lesion area, and a precise infrared temperature sensor.

Trust the leader in liquid nitrogen technology for cryosurgery. For 50 years, Brymill has been the first choice of dermatologists and continues to set the industry gold standard in safety, versatility and control.




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