Worthington Industries LABS 38K LN2 Freezer

Worthington Industries LABS 38K LN2 Freezer


Stores up to 19,500 vials in liquid or vapor phase.

High Efficiency, very low LN2 consumption

  • LN2 storage in either liquid or vapor phase
  • Near LN2 temperatures maintained at top of inventory storage system for overall sample viability

Single pivot point aluminum turntable design - smooth rotation and ergonomic use

  • Eliminates any mechanical component maintenance
  • Full height, segmented and labeled turntable provides easy inventory storage access and management
  • Convenient access to measure LN2 level

Hinged lid and stainless steel table top

  • The lid includes locking  apabilities and activates an automatic defog for quick viewing of inventory storage
  • The table top provies a working surface and protection to electrical and plumbing components

Enhanced and intuitive controller technology

  • Discrete thermistor level measurement and thermocouple temperature resolution within 0.1°C
  • Capabilities for data collection, event scheduling and enhanced security settings
  • Second access point for monitoring temperature

Ease of Use

  • Integral folding step with slip-resistant surface, and mechanical lock for securing the step when stowed
  • Flexible Fill Hose with 1.27 cm I.D. includes dual swivel connectors and a 3/8" male NPT adaptor included with purchase
Product Title
State-of-the-art LABS Freezers
Worthington Industries

Capacity/ Dimensions

External Operating Height (Top of Step to Lid Opening): 42in. (1067mm.)

Step Height: 11in. (275mm.)

Height (Floor to Opening): 53 in. (1346 mm.)

Usable Height, Internal: 30 in. (762 mm.)

Outside Diameter: 34 in. (864 mm.)

Internal Working Diameter: 29.5 in. (750 mm.)

Neck Opening: 13 in. (330 mm.)

Total LN2 Capacity (Liquid Storage): 371 liters 

Total LN2 Capacity (Vapor Storage): 36 liters

Weight Empty: 650lb. (295 kg.)

Maximum Gross Weight: 1311 lb. (595 kg.)

Number of  100/81 Cell Racks: 14, Number of Shelves/Rack: 13

Number of 25 Cell Racks: 4, Number of Shelves/Rack: 13

Vial Capacity, 2ml: 19500

Bag 25 ml (7 Level Rack): 1624

Bag 50 ml (7 Level Rack): 924

Bag 250 ml (5 Level Rack): 500

Bag 500 ml (5 Level Rack): 420









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