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Chart Lo Loss Fill Station with Scale

Chart Lo Loss Fill Station with Scale

 Lo Loss Filling Station Product Manual

The Chart-MVE Lo-Loss filling system significantly reduces product losses associated with pressuretransfer liquid cylinder filling. Modular design allows manual or automatic operation with one or more liquid cylinders in argon, nitrogen or oxygen service.

The Lo-Loss systems are designed for use in the filling of MP ( medium pressure ), HP ( high pressure ), and VHP ( very high pressure ) liquid cylinders. LP ( low pressure ) cylinders can be filled, but the flash loss reducing capabilities of the system are lost. The venting gas from the LP cylinder must be vented to atmosphere, rather than being plumbed to the Lo-Loss unit. However, even in that configuration, the automatic start / stop feature of the system is still functional.

Simply stated, the Lo-Loss system reduces product losses by controlling the pressure difference between the bulk tank and liquid cylinder. In a typical pressure-transfer operation (without Lo-Loss), the liquid cylinder is vented to atmosphere during the fill cycle.



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