TEC COM Communications Kit

TEC COM Communications Kit

Chart MVE Temperature Probe

Temperature Probe for TEC 3000 P/N 20570663

MVE One Fill All Fill (OFAF) Master Cable

One Fill All Fill Master Cable connects a series of TEC 3000 cryogenic freezer controlers.

MVE OFAF (One Fill All Fill) Master Cable

OFAF networking allows multiple controllers to be linked together such that all of the freezers will fill whenever any networked controller calls for a fill. When multiple freezers are connected to a common supply source, it is advantageous to fill all freezers at the same time. LN2 transfer losses are significantly reduced by filling all networked freezers while the supply system is primed and cold. Using and OFAF network is more efficient than cooling the supply system every time an individual freezer fills. This approach is also more efficient than employing a keep full / keep cold system. Up to 100 TEC 3000 can be connected to an OFAF network.

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