Replacement PDF Logger Bracket

Replacement PDF Logger Bracket

Replacement PDF Temp Probe

Features Include:
• Mounted to the dewar lid of your choice
Displays temperature & alarm status

• Records and stores up to 16,000 data points
• High and Low Alarm Settings
• No recalibrations, software or cables needed!
• 1 year lifespan — after 1 year, simply discard and purchase new logger
• Battery life remaining days displayed
• Automatically generates PDF & evaluation report with graph
• CE marked
• ISO 19005-1
• Compliant: FDA 21 CFR Part II, GMP, GLP

With the PDF Logger, you require only one single device and no specific software or cables to monitor temperature during the global transfer of cryobiological goods. The incredibly easy-to-use "Transit" and "Arrived" buttons make initiating and receiving monitored shipments fast and simple. The PDF Logger can be plugged into the USB of any PC to automatically generate a PDF evaluation report including statistics, alarm status, and temperature graph which can be read anywhere without difficulty.

With the 1-year lifespan, there are no more hassles of recalibration and recertification. After the datalogger has been in service for 1 year, simply discard the logger and purchase a new one for about the same cost of recalibration and battery replacement. Your PDF Logger is always under warranty! 

This item includes
P/N 15085781 | MVE PDF Logger Temperature Probe Only
Replacement PDF Temp Probe

Elpro Datalogger MVE LN2 Shipper

MVE PDF Logger Replacement Temperature Probe | Part Number 15085781

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