T301-1 Cryovial® 1.2 ml Self Standing (qty 100)

T301-1 CRYOVIAL® - Internal Thread Design with Silicone O-ring Seal

1.2 ml | Self Standing

 T301 Simport CRYOVIAL®



T301 Cryovial


Designed for safe storage at temperatures as low as -196 °C (but should be used only in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen). Only 1 1/4 turn of the cap is sufficient to screw the cap on the vial. The specially formulated silicone o-ring ensures a positive leakproof seal at all temperatures. Closure and vial are both made of polypropylene having the same coefficient of expansion, ensuring an equally secure seal both at room temperature and at low cryogenic temperatures. Tubes have a white marking area, can be color coded with a CAPINSERT (Series T312) and are compatible with most storage systems. Only the non skirted vials can be centrifuged, and up to 17,000g. Sterilized by gamma radiation and packaged in unique tamperproof, resealable, safety-lock bags of 100. Autoclavable.

1- A CAPINSERTis available in 11 different colors. Perfect for color coding

2- Vertical ribs facilitate cap removal

3- Super fast 1-1/4 turn thread design

4- Both cap and tube are made of same polypropylene material, therefore same coefficient of expansion ensures secure seal at all temperatures

5- Thick wall makes vial almost unbreakable

6- Large white marking area

7- Excellent clarity makes sample easy to see

8- Round bottom / Very easy to empty contents completely / Two sizes are self-standing with universal locking base


 Cap Inset

Tubes & caps on this page are certified RNase,
DNase, Pyrogen and DNA-free.

  T301 CryoVial Family
 Cat. #     T301-1       T301-2      T301-3       T301-4      T301-4A       T301-5    
 Volume (ml)  1.2  2
 Size (mm) 12.5 x 41   12.5 x 49  12.5 x 48  12.5 x 70  12.5 x 72 12.5 x 90 
 Self-Standing •   •     •   
 Round Bottom        •  •     •
 Qty/Bag  100   100   100   100  100   100 
 Qty/Case  1,000  1,000   1,000    1,000   1,000   1,000


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