Chart's C-Flex VJ Transfer Hoses

1/2" ID CFlex VJ Transfer Hoses, Spiral Wrapped by Chart

TechFlex Vacuum Jacketed Transfer Hose

1/4"ID TechFlex VJ Transfer Hoses by Technifab

3/8" ID CFlex VJ Transfer Hoses, Spiral Wrapped by Chart

Vacuum Jacketed transfer hoses by Chart

 CFlex Specification Sheet

Vacuum Jacketed Cryogenic Transfer Hoses - Chart MVE 3/8" ID 1-1/2"" OD SAE 45 Female Flare Nuts on both ends Rated for 150 PSI | Spiral Wrapped

Chart offers a complete line of vacuum insulated flexible transfer hoses. Our flexible transfer hoses are constructed with the same quality of workmanship and superior insulation technologies as our standard line of vacuum insulated pipe. The flexibility of the hoses allows for frequent connections to liquid cylinders and cryogenic process devises such as biological freezers, thermal tst chambers, etc.

Chart's superior vacuum insulation technology will greatly reduce cryogen product loss and imporve the efficiencey of your system. In addition, the high thermal performance will eliminate ice balls and dripping water anlong the length of the hose, which can be a safety hazzard.

CFlex-3/8"-Spiral Wrapped
Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
4' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0604S-8SE-8SE
was $1,088.00 Special Price $1,077.00
6' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0606S-8SE-8SE
was $1,152.00 Special Price $1,140.00
8' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0608S-8SE-8SE
was $1,216.00 Special Price $1,204.00
10' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0610S-8SE-8SE
was $1,280.00 Special Price $1,267.50
12' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0612S-8SE-8SE
was $1,343.00 Special Price $1,330.00
14' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0614S-8SE-8SE
was $1,407.00 Special Price $1,392.50
16' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0616S-8SE-8SE
was $1,471.00 Special Price $1,456.25
18' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0618S-8SE-8SE
was $1,535.00 Special Price $1,520.00
20' VJ Hose 3/8" ID 0620S-8SE-8SE
was $1,599.00 Special Price $1,582.00
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Chart Industries
Interior Diameter: 3/8" Outer Diameter: 1-1/2" PSI Rating: 150 Bend Radius: 8" min dynamic / 6" min static Length: 4', 6', 8', 10', 12', 14', 16', 18', 20' lengths available End Fittings : 1/2" SAE 45 Female Flare (Both Ends) Exterior Coating: Spiral Wrap


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