Protective Shipping Container

PN 14035731 | Protective Shipping Container

Chart MVE Protective Shipping Container

PN 20749412 | Protective Shipping Container

PN 20750408 | Protective Shipping Container

To Protect Dewar During Shipping or Travel and ensure shipping in upright position. Fits the MVE SC 2/1V

Protect your valuable investment by shipping in a Chart MVE Protective Shipping Container. Not only does it protect from damage, but the innovative mushroom design ensures upright shipping. 


Q: What can I use to clean the exterior of the protective shipping carton?
A: The manufacturer recommends a 10% bleach and 90% water solution or isopropyl aclohol to clean the exterior of the protective shipping containers.



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Ensure Upright Shipping with a Protective Shipping Container
Chart Industries


PN 20750408
    Outer Diameter:   "
    Overall Height:   "
    Approx. Weight:    15 lbs

















All dimensions are approximate and intended for reference only.

** These measurements gives only the outer dimensions of each shipping container. Inner dimensions will vary between part numbers due to the foam placed in each container that is sized to fit one specific dewar.



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