PrincetonCryo | About Us


PrincetonCryo has over 30 years of experience in the industry and offers a full range of cryogenic products, service, and customer support for liquid nitrogen storage systems and related items.

Our quality brands include products from Chart Industries,  IC Biomedical, MVE, GFG Instrumentation, Gordinier, Simport Plastics, Brymill, Tempshield, and more. Our technicians have extensive knowledge with liquid nitrogen, cryogenic and cell culture storage, as well as cryobiological preservation, freezer controllers, and alarm troubleshooting. We are the premier choice of major pharmaceutical laboratories, research institutions, and universities for applied cryogenics system products and design.

PrincetonCryo is a partner company of Princeton CryoTech, Inc., an industry-leading cryogenic design and engineering company in the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic United States. We are distributors of Chart MVE's full line of products including sample storage dewars, dewar accessories, LN2 cylinders, LN2 cryogenic freezers as well as cryogenic freezer racks, storage boxes, vials, and safety equipment for handling liquid nitrogen.

Our engineers are part of an experienced and well-trained staff that have designed and installed liquid nitrogen storage systems and cryogenic repositories at facilities such as Merck, Rutgers University, New York Blood, Lockheed Martin, Bristol Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and other stem cell, fertility, and biomedical clinics. Princeton CryoTech, Inc. has earned a reputation as a reliable, high-quality engineering firm in the field of applied cryogenics, cryobiological systems and cryopreservation. Since our team has experience in the design and installation of a variety of cryogenic systems, our customer support stretches beyond our competition. We are dedicated to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.