Cool Reach Grabber

Cool Reach Grabber


Safely Extract Racks From Cold Storage

The Cryohook is a specialized tool that is used to capture the handles on a cryogenic freezer rack and allow the user to retrieve the rack without risking injury due to the intense cold. The design of the Cryohook allows the user to continuously wear the insulated safety gloves that often are removed in order to gain access to the rack handles.

Older model LN2 freezers are often only about -120oC at the top of the racks. Newer freezers have improved their design and many keep the freezer at the top of the racks around -190oC, just a few degrees from the temperature of liquid nitrogen itself. This significantly increases the risk of freezer burns and injury.

To use the Cryohook, while wearing protective gloves, hold the hook with the tip facing the user. Reach down and place the tip on the top of the rack and simply draw it towards you to capture the handle(s). At this point you can then place your other gloved hand under the handles to re-move the rack or you can lift the rack using the more comfortable handle on the Cryohook. The Cryohook can also be used to replace the rack into the freezer, limiting exposure to cold temperatures and providing a more comfortable handle.

The Cryohook can also be used with -80oC freezers to capture the rack handles and pull the racks out of the freezers while wearing gloves.

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