Dura-Cyl Footring

Dura-Cyl 180 MP

MVE Dura Cylinder

Dura-Cyl 230 MP RB

Dura-Cyl 200 MP

Has NO Rollerbase - Footring Bottom
Holds 200 Liters of Liquid Nitrogen between 50-160 psi

The Roto-Tel offers improved accuracy and expanded gauge ranges for better resolution.

The Dura-Cyl LP models feature the "sight gauge" liquid level indicator and a liquid globe valve with an extended stem for less ice build-up on the handle for easier operation.

LCCM Models have an integral mounted combination pressure control regulator, isolation valve and a calibrated dome control knob.

Product Highlights:

• Ideal for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2 or nitrous oxide
• Different sizes, pressures, and features to meet your needs
• Stainless steel construction
• Thick, dent-resistant outer shell
• Patented durable, inner-vessel support system
• Large diameter handling ring with four supports
• Liquid Cylinder Control Manifold (LCCM)
• Roto-Tel Liquid Level Gauge System
• Five-year vacuum warranty

The Dura-Cyl series is a premium transportable liquid cylinder for cryogenic service. The patented internal support system design and quality construction make the Dura-Cyl series the most efficient yet rugged cylinder on the market today. Along with the patented Liquid Cylinder Control Manifold (LCCM) and our wide choice of caster base options, the Dura-Cyl Series is also the most user-friendly cylinder available. Adding our industry-leading five-year vacuum warranty and you get the lowest cost of ownership —making the Dura-Cyl, the preferred choice in transportable liquid cylinders.


MVE Dura-Cyl Disclaimer

  1. Gas Capacities at D0T4L limits. See manual P/N 10642912 for details
  2. Most of the Dura-Cyl models are available with permanently installed CGA fittings for medical applications. Contact customer service for details.
  3. Dimensions are measured from the floor to the top of the sight gauge protector.
  4. Pressure building regulator optional on LP models.


Product Title
Premium Liquid Cylinders - Footring
Chart Industries


Liquid (Gross) - 209 Liters

Liquid (Net) - 196 Liters

Gas (N2) - 4,375 ft3/115 Nm3

Gas (O2) - 5,435 ft3/ 143 Nm3

Gas (AR) - 5,290 ft3/ 139 NM3



NER (N2) - 1.85 % per day

NER (O2 - AR) - 1.2 % per day

Gas Flow (N2, O2, AR) - 400/10.5 SCFH/Nm3/hr


Dimensions and Pressure Ratings

Relief Valve Setting - 230 psig/ 16 barg

DOT/TC Rating - 4L200

Diameter - 20 in/ 50.8 cm

Height - 66.6 in/ 169.2 cm

Tare Weight - 280 lb / 126.9 kg

Full Weight

   N2 - 597 lb/271 kg

   O2 - 730 lb / 331 kg

   AR - 827 lb/ 375 kg

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