Spare Canister for MVE XC Series

Spare Canister for MVE XC Series

626 Low Level Alarm

626 Low Level Alarm

LN2 MVE Measuring Stick

47" MVE Measuring Stick For measuring liquid nitrogen manually

These MVE 4' measuring rods provide an easy, efficient way to measure, in inches and centimeters, the liquid nitrogen level within a dewar and cryogenic freezer. To use, place measuring stick to the bottom of the liquid nitrogen, hold for 4-5 seconds, remove, and allow frost to form on the measuring stick. A frost line will appear at the height of the liquid nitrogen on the measuring stick. The actual level may be up to 1/2 inch lower due to splashing from the liquid nitrogen. 

For more information about measuring liquid nitrogen or other technical tips, please visit our knowledge and resource center online, or contact us


The measuring stick is made from Styrene.

Product Title
Easily Measure LN2 Levels
MVE Biological Solutions


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